LauhaHelvetti Nature Biking and Hiking Tour

Biking 200 km hiking 30 km

Lauha-Helvetti Nature Biking and Hiking Trail takes you through Lauhanvuori, Kauhaneva, Seitseminen, and Helvetinjärvi National Parks, Alkkianvuori Concervation Area, and Riuttaskorpi Recreational Forest.


DAY 1 – Lauhansarvi

Arrival at Lauhansarvi nature tourism centre in Isojoki.
Dinner in restaurant, overnight in a fully equipped cottage.

DAY 2 – Springs and Streams – 12 km hiking, 37 km biking

Breakfast and packed lunch delivered to cottage.
Hiking through Lauhanvuori National Park. Switch to biking on Lauhavuori hilltop.
Dinner and overnight at Loma-Raiso, a comfortable hotel in a rural setting.

DAY 3 – Bogs and Birds – 30 km biking, 4 km hiking

Breakfast and packed lunch.
Biking in Kauhaneva National Park, walking 4 km nature trail to bird watching tower (optional). Dinner and overnight at Loma-Raiso.

DAY 4 – Idyllic rural scenes – 60 km biking, 4.5 km hiking

Breakfast and packed lunch.
Biking along old village roads and forest trails. The route passes by Alkkianvuori Nature Trail, optional hiking 4.5 km.
Overnight at Hotel Pesti in Parkano town centre, dinner at restaurant of choice (not included).

DAY 5 – Seitseminen National Park – 36 km biking, 2 km hiking

Breakfast and packed lunch.
Biking through Seitseminen National Park. Optional 2 km hike on nature trail in old-growth forest. Dinner and overnight at Särkilampi Strawberry Farm (or during dates 10.7-10.8 at Seitseminen Croft).

DAY 6 – Lakes and Gorges – 35 km biking, 7.5 km hiking

Breakfast and packed lunch.
Biking and hiking in Helvetinjärvi National Park.
Transport to Hotel Liera in Ruovesi. Dinner at nearby restaurant.

DAY 7 – Departure

Transportation to the city of Tampere or back to starting point at Isojoki at extra cost.

The Nature Resort of Lauhansarvi is located next to Lauhanvuori National Park. Fully equipped cottages, restaurant. 

A comfortable hotel in a rural setting near Kauhaneva National Park and the town of Karvia.

A small hotel in Parkano town center near shops and restaurants.

Seitseminen Croft is a traditional log house with modern facilities situated near Seitseminen National Park.

Särkilampi farm near Seitseminen National Park specialises in strawberris.

A small hotel and restaurant in Ruovesi.




885 € / person / 4-p group (double rooms)
1085 € / person / 2-p group (double room)

without bike hire: 745 € / person / 4-p group (double rooms)
without bike hire: 895 € / person / 2-p group (double room)

Ask about our reduced prices for large groups (up to 12 people).


  • 7 days / 6 nights accommodation in rural lodgings and small hotels
  • All meals: Breakfast and dinner, packed lunch (dinner in Parkano not included)
  • Sauna daily
  • GPS device with pre-designed route and maps
  • Emergency mobile phone
  • Nature guide booklet with maps
  • Bike, helmet, pannier
  • Bike transfers


  • Single room 110 €/week
  • Transport from and to Tampere or Parkano, prices from 300 €
  • Transport from end point to starting point, from 240 €
  • Luggage transfers, prices from 50 €


May 15 to September  30, start any day of the week

We reserve the right to change prices due to conditions beyond our control.


For inquiries and booking please contact us at

e-mail: info(at)

phone: 050-538 5795, international +358-50-538 5795